Elixir design, emotion, branding & packaging:
the pioneer agency in co-creation360!

Founded in 2001, our design agency specialising in branding and packaging design is co-directed by Isabelle Marchand and Hortense Sicardon. Our strategy/creation duo proposes a new approach to our profession, design, by placing our clients at the heart of the creative process.

Elixir design, branding & packaging: the alchemy of a meeting

Two design experts, Isabelle for marketing design strategy and Hortense for branding and packaging creation, are driven by the same values and the same desire to create differently.

Hortense Sicardon decided to join the Elixir design team as creative director.
Together the duo, with their complementary expertise, put their know-how at the service of brands and help them build or re-enchant their identity.

Portrait of Hortense and Isabelle - Elixir Design
Case La Manufacture du 14 juillet - Elixir Design

A revolutionary method!

Creating differently and sharing the meaning of projects is the motto of our branding agency Elixir design.
A leitmotiv that gave birth to our innovative collaboration method, inspired by collective intelligence: co-creation360!
The founding idea consists of sharing the field of possibilities with the client team. Together we define the most relevant ideas: Brand DNA, emergence, distinction.... The client is placed at the centre of the creative process. They become the actors of their project.

Our agency, Elixir design, offers tailor-made support and brings out the most daring ideas.
Lustucru, Matines or Fido are among the brands that trust us to go further and successfully seduce consumers!
A method of design branding & packaging creation that is effective, simple, fluid and optimistic, where we share the pleasure of creating brands and products with strong personality.

An agency with unifying values

Elixir Design is a human-sized branding and packaging agency made up of a team of ten designers, all of whom are passionate about brands. The team is driven by the same values that make the agency so rich.

The pleasure of creating together, solidarity, respect, sharing, transparency, efficiency, and the need to be proud of our projects are all common values that give rhythm to the life of the agency. To meet a single objective: to imagine and experiment with new collaborative methods of creation adapted to our clients' expectations. 

Photo Locaux Elixir - Elixir Design
Logo - Elixir Design

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