The magic of spices

lifting branding & packaging


How can an original offer of cooked cereals emerge within the organic circuit?

How to translate the magic of spices, this unique know-how in the proportioning and selection of ingredients, into recipes of character and authentic taste, of an incredible modernity?

How to evolve without losing your soul?


After the packaging diagnosis, the following conclusion was reached: the original design carried the values of exoticism and quality, with a timid brand. The second generation, inspired by supermarkets, promised deliciousness, but had lost the character of the Beendhi brand. The consumer had difficulty understanding the product concept.

The agency's recommendation was to combine the two generations of design, to express all the promises of the original brand.

A streamlined identity, for greater impact and proximity.

A global architecture, promoting the recipe and its ingredients: a central, gourmet spoon, like a magic wand, which structures the whole and makes the link between the recipe, ready to be tasted, and the dry product that can be seen through the packaging window. From a previous ingredient name, we move on to a recipe name inscribed in the iconic shape of the first packaging, to spark the imagination.

The range, with its bright yet refined colours and exotic scrolls, offers a variety of flavours with exotic recipe characters.

Beendi is back on the shelves of organic stores, with a tenfold impact and imposes its character with a strong personality design.

A promising facelift: a resolutely modern brand, while preserving its heritage!



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