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How can pork be promoted to butchers?

How to create a specific brand for traditional butchers?


The creation of a brand name that reflects the DNA of Porcgros, a family-run SME specialising in pork cuts at the Halles de Rungis for three generations: "Le Cochon des Halles" quickly became the name of choice, with obvious appeal.

The logo, with its sign shape like a shop, evokes know-how and authenticity, in contemporary codes: tradition revisited.
The claim, "well reared and well fed", highlights the company's approach to the sector.
An identity that is then used on all the appropriate media: prize cards, posters, commitment charter, consumer leaflets, tote bags, etc.
Le Cochon des Halles makes it possible to make a difference and to deploy its tone of voice, which is both quirky and appealing.

A territory that stands out!

asserted values

corporate identity and graphic charter

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How can the values of a company be expressed in its corporate identity?
How can the transgenerational know-how of a major player in Les Halles de Rungis be promoted?


Porcgros wanted to federate all its stakeholders around a graphic charter that reflects its values and ambitions.

Established in the heart of Les Halles de Paris, then Rungis, for three generations, this major player in the meat sector has given itself a corporate identity that resembles it.
The logo expresses the company's business: cutting. It retains its historical colours. A vocation phrase communicates its values and history.
The identity has been applied to all its image vectors: stationery, clothing, vehicles, buildings, brochures, etc. in order to unite all its audiences, both internally and externally.

The graphic charter communicates and promotes the new ambitions of this dynamic, family-run company.

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