Re-enchanting a leading brand

lifting branding & packaging


How to rehabilitate the image of the leading egg brand?

Which storytelling is in line with its DNA?


A return to the historical signature and its fundamentals.

A powerful and regressive universe: the good eggs of our childhood. A return to naturalness and simple values.
Matines is once again the market leader, with a clear, coherent range, enhanced by the promotion of its signature.

Matines is rooted in its history.

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HEROPACK® to optimise online sales!
Matines has deployed specific packshots to increase the performance of its online sales.
Elixir design has developed the HEROPACK® method to simplify messages and make a difference with Internet consumers!

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An anti-waste branding & packaging concept

responsible naming, branding & packaging

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How to create an anti-waste concept, create value and engage in a responsible approach?


The concept of the Chicken Coop was born!

An expressive brand name, a return to the roots, like an obvious choice: Le Panier Poulailler, eggs of different sizes, just like on the farm, zero waste!
The packaging is eco-designed, made of recycled paper pulp, with direct printing on the box, only two colours and a minimalist design.
Matines advocates a return to simple values.
Eggs backed by a quality brand, without gimmicks and very accessible.
This new offer proposes commitments that we want to adopt immediately and make the choice of a socially responsible consumption!

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Logo - Elixir Design

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