Asserting one's origin

lifting branding & packaging


How can we assert ourselves as a pioneering brand and leader in the organic canned fish department?

How to claim its Breton origin & its environmental and nutritional commitments?


Central focus on the Phare brand as a carrier of meaning, integration of its origin and creation of an icon. Our biases give the brand status.

An architecture in 2 parts: commitments and palatability of the recipe, structures all the packaging.

The brand is making its mark on the shelves while retaining its DNA.
It clearly conveys its values, in all authenticity.
A colourful range on the shelves that catches the eye.
The discerning consumer can no longer be mistaken!

Beyond the brand and the packaging, the creation of a real identity territory conveys the commitments of Phare d'Eckmühl.

The management of communication, both at the point of sale with POS, displays or theatrical displays, and communication for professionals (stands, professional press advertisements, etc.), ensures consistency.

A congruent graphic charter and brand territory become the ambassadors of the brand's statements: values and origin guaranteed!



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