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How to make Taureau Ailé a reference brand of exceptional rice for catering professionals?

What identity & visual territory to seduce chefs inspired by current trends: "healthy eating" & world cuisine?


This is the challenge that Taureau Ailé took up with the team from Elixir design, our agency specialising in branding and packaging. The co-creation360 method allowed us to scan all the potential areas of evolution of the brand according to the client's marketing objectives.

A specific Taureau Ailé Professionnel identity, a qualitative signature dedicated to demanding and passionate chefs looking for products selected for their great qualities. The sublimation of the general public identity, adapted to the requirements of catering professionals: the Taureau Ailé Professionnel brand is born.
The packaging design expresses all the sensoriality of rice, the different flavours of the world and the know-how of a brand that is an expert in selecting the best origins.

The cooperative method of co-creation360 has enabled us to define a very qualitative packaging, very sober and yet rich in information about the origins, organoleptic qualities & qualities of the rice, in line with the expectations of chefs concerned about the traceability of the products they choose.
The key visual of the sublimated rice fork lets us perceive all the subtlety of the different colours & textures and develops the imagination around the richness of the aromas.
The boards carried out upstream also allowed us to define the key visual of the communication: sales leaflet, press kit, stand panels... A brand territory was born!

Sublimate all the nuances of origins with co-creation360!

Co-creation360? Our customers talk about it the best!

Mélanie, marketing manager for Taureau Ailé Professionnel, comments:
"I had a lot of fun developing this project with Elixir design's co-creation360 method.
The upstream scanning allows us to explore the whole field of possibilities and to make choices that turn out to be relevant and much more obvious than usual!
This method allows us to approach projects and their problems differently, to see further and differently, to have nice surprises, a mutual enrichment between our marketing team and the design agency.
This allowed us to make choices more quickly and more serenely.
Finally, the strategy/creation duo formed by Isabelle & Hortense proved to be very relevant and efficient because they were completely complementary.

A collaborative experience to be repeated!



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